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The 5 Best Renovation Ideas for your Home


Are you planning to renovate your home? Making changes in your flooring is an excellent way to make your space (kitchen and bathrooms) look brand new. Here is a list of most popular ideas of flooring which are best suited for your home area:

Replace your existing flooring

Considering the replacement of your existing floors will give your home a different and fresh look. Your rooms will be transformed completely with a new floor style. Hardwood floors are a great option to choose – They look really nice and on top of that, they do have a good resale price. The thing which make it as a top choice of selection is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

Laminate and vinyl flooring are another great picks for you. Both of these options have high scratch resistant and this makes a compatible selection for your kitchen rooms.

Install Carpet

Carpet replacement is one of the wise moves to freshen up your living area. With a new carpet, you can enhance the entire ambiance of the house by changing the color, style, and warmth of the carpet. Changing your carpet style is a simple yet effective way to revive your space.

Color Selection

Color selection will be an emerging factor to refresh your home style as important the materials you use. Decide what colors are compatible most with your existing décor and what colors will be best suited for your new and fresh designed space.

Kitchen Design

Remodeling of your kitchen area is not a small project. One of the biggest challenge homeowners have about their kitchens is to handle the lack of counter-top space issue.  The countertops, similarly with the cabinetry need to be functional within a kitchen.  The amount of space and location should be specified based on how you plan to use your kitchen. Reliable Handyman can directly guide and do the basic carpentry and custom moldings for your kitchen. Explore your edge options with Cambridge Floors here.

Decorative Rugs

For the best long-lasting results, you should buy decorative area rugs with protective underlayment. These protect your flooring and add style and a make-over to the new look of your home.

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