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Top Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Tips for Summer

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While hardwood flooring makes a lasting and elegant addition to any home, you must bear in mind that regular hardwood floor maintenance is key to maintaining your hardwood flooring in top condition, especially during the summer months.

As the weather changes, wood floors tend to contract and expand along with humidity and temperature levels. If not properly cared, this may result in cracking or warping. In this article, we have the top hardwood flooring maintenance tips for summer. So, take the hassle out of having your hardwood flooring once and for all.

Stay away from direct sunlight

The harsh summer sunlight can be a nuisance to your hardwood flooring because of the natural qualities of the wood. In case you didn’t know yet, sunlight can quickly discolor or damage this kind of flooring. While it may be difficult to keep the sun off your precious hardwood floors back, you can close your blinds and curtains before you head out for the day to prevent excessive exposure.

Use proper cleaning products

Getting the proper cleaning tools and products are one of the hardwood flooring maintenance tips for summer that you cannot ignore. Invest in cleaning products specific to wood flooring and take into consideration opting for natural cleaners like olive oils and wax-based or detergent cleaners.

Proper vacuuming is crucial

While mopping can be a good way to clean dirt from your flooring, proper vacuuming is the ideal way to get rid of grit and dust between your boards. Always make sure you utilize the bare floor attachment so as you don’t unintentionally scratch the wood.

Protect it from damage

Your floor cannot safeguard itself. Thus, it has to be you which takes up the duty of protector. Put floor mats by each your entrances and ensure every family members remove their shoes, especially high-heels and hard-soles. Cover the feet of your chair, and other furniture ends with the help of felt protectors. Also, remember to change them when they get dirty and old.

Call a professional for assistance

Sometimes it is alright to admit that you cannot do everything all by yourself. Thus, hiring a professional to perform your hardwood floor maintenance is by far the most convenient and stress-free way to guarantee your flooring is prepared for the hot summer months.

Apart from doing regular hardwood floor care, an expert can also spot early indications of moisture and other damages. They will give you suggestions on how to act before it is too late.

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