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Tools you need to install laminate and hardwood flooring

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Installation of the laminate hardwood flooring is really the most user-friendly DIY project today. But, before you start the project it is necessary that you know the supplies and materials that are required for installing the laminate floorings. This will help you to achieve the satisfactory end results. So, for your assistance here is a small guide on tools that you would require for installing laminate hardwood flooring in your house.

The Measurement Tape

This is the crazy tool which is very essential for every flooring installation project. You need to be sure that the measurements are right so as to achieve the perfect cutting lines and installation of the laminate floors. Being slapdash at measuring can eat up your extra time and it would become difficult for you to achieve the perfect finishing with the flooring. In order to facilitate precision in the flooring installation it is necessary that you take the measurements correctly and precisely and for this you would require a perfect measurement tape. Without correct measurement of the floors you can achieve the precision in flooring installation.

Reversed Jigsaw Blade

The second most important tool for laminate hardwood flooring installation is the reversed jigsaw blade with the teeth pointing downwards. Make use of an old 5 gallon bucket and try to cut the laminate hardwood flooring right over it as this will allow the saw to fall into the budget perfectly and give you a precision cut. There are many benefits in using the revered jigsaw blades. It prevents chipping of the surface top of the laminate hardwood flooring and the saw drops straight into the bucket and there will be no mess to clean up.

Undercut Saw

When installing the laminate hardwood flooring, you will come across the stage where you need to trim door jambs so that the floors would fit well under the doors. Here people usually make a mistake by choosing caulks. But, you must take time and use the undercut saw to trim down the jambs. There are undercut saw with a rotary electric motor which drives smoothly and trim the jams well to fit it perfectly under the doors.

Dry Erasable Marker

In the process of installing laminate flooring, you would require a dark colored dry erasable market. This is the marker that is visible than a pencil and it can be removed when the job is done to get a clean surface.

Tapping Block and Pull Bar

There is laminate flooring that comes with locking system and in such flooring, you would require no tapping. But, in some tight spots, you may need one of these tools so as to install the plank properly without any damages. For example, when you install the last plank in the row you need to have a pull bar so as to tape the plank properly and precisely in its place. So, using the pull bar here enables you to tape the board without hitting the bordering wall or getting your board damaged.

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